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Develop emotional advertising campaigns that create a bond with the audience. This is then connected to retail and social communications that change behaviour and sell products. 

Art & Industry provide full end-to-end service of strategy, brand development, logo design, packaging, communications, moving image production, concept testing, and media buying.

The agency isn't bloated with bureaucracy. We handle all our accounts, both large and small, in the same agile and efficient way.

What we do

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Art & Industry is driven by Daniel Crayford and Leon Cayford, and supported by a team of seasoned advertising and media professionals.

Who we are

Art & Industry work with a wide range of suppliers. In addition to these, we have either financial, staff, or historical links with the following partner companies:

Partner companies

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Leon has worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, and has a broad set of skills honed from working on some of the world’s biggest brands. Originally from Staffordshire in the UK, he has developed compelling brand identities for many New Zealand companies, including 2Degrees, InterCity and Trustpower.


He lives in Auckland.

Leon Cayford

Design Director

Daniel has worked as an advertising agency Creative Director for many years, and has been responsible for a wide range of brand launches and large scale marketing campaigns, including the introduction of Vodafone into the New Zealand market. 

He has won many advertising awards, including Campaign of the Year (twice) Best in Show, and in 2022 his Trustpower television commercial ‘Three Legged Dog’ was voted best advertisement of the year (TRA Research).

He lives in Auckland.

Daniel Crayford

Creative Director

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